Is there a way to display the average time to fulfill from the past 7 days on my home page?

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I recently noticed the addition of the "Time to fulfill" on top of the order page and would like to show this on my website so my customers can see this number. Is this number available on shopify's api or even better just on shopify liquid?

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I'm also interested if there is a way to do this. 

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Also interested! Have you already found the solution?

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I also would be interested in this solution!

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Also interested. Anyone know how to accomplish this? Seems that would be a great feature to show customers!

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I'm not aware of how to do this natively with a liquid variable, but there is a way to display it on the product page next to the add to cart button with the third party app "Time to Fulfill" by DibLabs. You can choose what time period to average your time to fulfill over (the default is 30 days, but it can be changed to 7), and also drop the worst times and then display on the product page.