Is there a way to see the updated order (removed items) in account order info?

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For example:
Order #1001 was place by customer and contains Product A = $10
The admin, edited the order:
1. removed Product A
2. added Product Aa = $5 and Product Ab = $5

The order now shows correctly in admin - total = $10, with Product A ($10) removed. 

But, when the customer views the order in their account, it shows as a $20 total, and none of the items are flagged as removed.

Is there a way to replicate the exact history of the admin order editing in the customer's account order info template? 


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Hi @BogdanOasa 


When you edit the order, it does provide a checkmark to send a notification with the changes. The changes should reflect in the customer account order page 



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Weather or not the customer received the notification doesn't really matter or solve the actual issues. At the customers end, they can still log into their account and see these removed items, that aren't in any way flagged as removed. It also shows the total value with the removed items, which cause further confusion.

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Correct. This has been an issue for some time. Every once in a while a customer emails in confused about it, we come to check to see if Shopify has addressed it and it's still the same.



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Have you found a way around this issue?

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The only workaround would be paying for an edit order app. Edit the order to remove those items. Sadly, there is a limit to how many orders you edit per month/bill. If the order is unpaid, you can have it delete the old order and replace it with the new. If the order is paid, it cancels the paid order (which leaves it as cancelled) and creates a new version of the order. This may cause more confusion as some customers panic when they see the order cancelled. You also would need to process any refunds on the original version of the order and not the new version. (If it's paid on the original order)


Not really ideal for removing a product, that should be showing as removed on the customers end.