Is there / can there be a way to view a list of all products within customers' previous orders

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I've been running a record shop/mailorder for many years and have a lot of regular customers. Right now, when I click on a customer, I can see how many times they've ordered, as well as how much they've spent overall. But what would be REALLY useful to me, though, is to be able to see all of the items they've ordered on one page (though probably paginated for spendier customers, if need be), without having to open each individual order to compile my own list. For example, in the orders section of the customer page in the admin, next to the "View all orders" link, I'd really love to see a link for something like "View all products ordered". This would make it much easier to tell people when new products have come in related to their prior purchases (in a more manual way, I mean - definitely NOT in an awkward AI way). Is that possible to add to the backend? Thanks!


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