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Issue on price rule API when specificing customer segments

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Hello, good morning all.


We have a problem reading the filed "prerequisite_customer_ids" in the API admin/api/2021-07/price_rules/x.json 


At Shopify Admin Panel, our discount givex 50% in any item, but it's only for specific customer segment.


Our e-commerce have been changed the default behaviour at basket page. We do not call shopify directly when applying a discount coupoun. First it calls one particular API develeped by our company and then this API call the Shopify price_rule API to filter and validate the prequesisties registered on Shopify price rules database.


However, the field "prerequisite_customer_ids" do not return any customer. The array is empty. So we can not validate correctly. 


I have been making some testes and I realized that when the option "specific customers" is marked on shopify admin this filed works properly. But in our case, we need to return all customers that belongs with a specify segment. How  we can make this works?



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