Issues in GA4 while using Shopify Custom Pixel

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When we try to use the custom pixel for our GA4, it automatically sends the page_location that includes some information about the sandbox. That's why we can't see the real page location in GA4. This is weird. The documentation says to turn off the automatic page tracking to send that manually. But right now in GA4, it is impossible to stop automatic page tracking.

Even the GA4 setup with custom pixels shows most of the user acquisition as (not set) and the engagement time for pages doesn't appear properly. 

Need a solution for all these so we can run the tracking through custom pixels smoothly.





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Have the same issue where engagement time doesn't appear and shows as 0. Made some changes and sending send_page_view false in Config tag and sending separate page view tag, which helped us see the user_engagement events finally, however it still shows 0.