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I use SEO King and they detected a javascript error- when I go into google chrome console this is what I see below, I did reach out to the developer of my theme, would anyone happen to have experience and know what this error is babbling about?  my site is


Content Security Policy of your site blocks the use of 'eval' in JavaScript`

  1. The Content Security Policy (CSP) prevents the evaluation of arbitrary strings as JavaScript to make it more difficult for an attacker to inject unathorized code on your site.

    To solve this issue, avoid using eval(), new Function(), setTimeout([string], ...) and setInterval([string], ...) for evaluating strings.

    If you absolutely must: you can enable string evaluation by adding unsafe-eval as an allowed source in a script-src directive.

    ⚠️ Allowing string evaluation comes at the risk of inline script injection.

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