Joomla to Shopify Migration and removing subdomain from Shopify webisite.

Joomla to Shopify Migration and removing subdomain from Shopify webisite.

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I have a question about redirects and removing subdomains used on our shopify website.


Our sites: (joomla site) (shopify)


I've 301 redirected all pages from (joomla site) to our (shopify) site, except for index.html which is the last step.


Then after that I need to remove the "estore" subdomain from so everything, 301 redirects included, etc. will just point towards (shopify) and (shopify) will the new final domain and shopify website with all the 301 redirects working properly.


What is the best process for this?


My assumption here is:

1) redirect to
2) remove "estore" subdomain from

3) done


Am I missing anything here?



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Hey @Penrose just checking but your 301 redirects will be going from to with only the joomla url parameters pointing to the corresponding shopify urls? As you'll be removing the subdomain you obviously don't want the redirects to be going to estore. 


Additionally, if the shopify site has been live and in use and you're just pulling everything together then you'd need to make sure any estore subdomain urls have appropriate redirects in place. 


If you have email addresses linked with your hosting you'd want to make sure you keep your existing hosting or look for an alternative email host such as Gmail or Zoho because you'll only be updating the DNS of your domain to add a CNAME and update the A Records. 


Hope that helps, sounds like you're on the right track and I'm sure everything will run smoothly 🙂