Keeping Demo Inventory Separate?

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Our business currently sends out products to an affiliate to demo on their social media platforms. We want to still be able to count this as inventory so shipping and tracking information can be generated in Shopify. When the affiliate is done demoing on their social platforms, they send the inventory back, which then gets sold to customers at a discount. However our current process 1) generates an initial 100% discount (for the Shopify workflow purchase price in order to generate the workflow to send the product to the affiliate), and then 2) generates a return when the affiliate returns the product back to integrate back into available inventory to sell to customers. Other discounts can apply to normal purchase orders so over time this is going to inflated discount and return numbers.

Is there any way to have some inventory compartmentalized or kept separate for this demo purchase that will still allow it to be tracked and inventoried without the detractors mentioned above?

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