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Klaviyo pop up not showing on Mobile

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Hey Everyone,


Having issues with Klaviyo pop-up sign up form. We use 2 separate forms one for desktop and one for mobile. Our desktop one works fine but the mobile does not show up at all. I have contacted shopify, klaviyo and Gem Pages about the issue and no one seems to have a solution. I have tried the following:


Create a new form

Make forms show up on all devices.

Disable apps

Contact supports.


Klaviyo gave me the following information:


"Since this is due to specific CSS/JavaScript within the ********** store's source code that is blocking our popups only on mobile, Klaviyo will not be able to directly fix this - we will do what we can to assist you team in diagnosing the area of the site's source code that is a likely culprit,"


Their timeline for that is unknown and we are currently missing out of hundreds of leads per day as mobile is our highest visit rate.


Any help would literally save my life a headache and a days worth of scraping code.



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