Language / locale - so confusing!

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The HELP on Shopify doesn't help. 


When I download CSV it opens up in some junk characters. So it's not UTF8? Why are these basics missing from Shopify? 

We need Japanese and English. JA and EN. 


My default language in the store is Japanese, but I want to add English for the global markets. This is set up. 


Where should we see: 


1. All the words for my store in my default "internal" language. Could be Engish, say. 

2. All those words in my first "display" language (Japanese). 

3. All those words in my second "dispay" language (Engilsh). 


I'm using the theme Parallax from Out of the Sandbox ( 


But this issue happens with free Dawn theme too. Inside the "Edit Themes"" code are "locales". This has: 





Should I edit the language files there? Will that pick up the languages automatically? 


Or should I edit the languages in the "Edit languages" option of the theme? There I only see my first language, Japanese. How can I easy toggle between Japanese and English here? 


So confusing. This should be a basic feature. 


Welcome any pointers on the best way to edit the language that WORKS. UTF8 instead of junk characters. Both languages easily and clearly visible with an easy toggle. 


What am I missing ?

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