Limitation in SEO URL Design

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Shopify does not allow custom SEO URLs.


When adjusting the SEO info of pages/blogs/meta-objects, we are limited to an URL structure:

And the likes. For SEO purposes, that is a big limitation. One that actually makes us consider moving away from shopify.

So I am here to ask for advice on how one could go about having pages like:

And the likes. Looking for any insight I might get here, before having to move on.

Is it in the cards to get this feature implemented soon-ish?



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Self Replying:

So from what I see what shopify offers, would be redirects.

Making use of URL redirects and setting the canonical URL to the "shortcut form"  and maybe tampering with sitemap and robots.txt

Shouldnt that do the trick for SEO purposes?

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The URL structure should not be a major concern for you. Tuning URLs is far down on the list of SEO proprieties. There are thousands of Shopify based stores that rank 1 in SERPs with that url conventions that apply to all Shopify stores.

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