Link an already existing media to a product rather than uploading it again

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Hello everybody. 


I consider myself pretty good at Shopify, but it seems there some very simple thing I seem to be confused about.


I uploaded a video as a medium on one of my products. It showed up fine on the Store, nice. I see it exists in my Settings > File area, nice.


I deleted the video from my product, because I didn't want it anymore, then changed my mind again and wanted it back. Here's the problem: do I need to re-upload the video, although it's already in the system? I can click Add and upload something, or Link to file and enter a URL.


I tried entering the URL of the file that is in Settings > File, but it threw me an error saying:

Media upload failed

Some of your media failed to upload, please retry again.
  • Image: Media could not be processed because the image is an unsupported file type.


I've then tried with Add and re-uploaded the file and noticed it wasn't duplicated in the Settings > Files area, so it seems Shopify knows it's the same file... but I still had to upload it and wait for a bit (my internet connection isn't great).


Is that a normal behavior? To not be able to Add media from our already existing "Media Library"?


Thank you,


Working towards being a Guru.
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Shopify should consider adding this feature. It would be so helpful.