Links on the spanish main menu don't direct to spanish but to english?

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Hi everyone,


currently my shopify is set up in english as default, and spanish as well. I have all the content translated and every page is showing the content as intended. However, I cannot figure out how to make the links go to the correct place.


The main menu has three buttons, let's say they're "collection A" "collection B" and "help". When browsing the page in english, all three of them work without issues. All of them link to the appropriate ".com/" page.

When browing the page in spanish, "help" links correctly to the ".com/es/" page, no issue there. However, "collection A" and "collection B" still link to the ".com/" pages, forcing the user to manually re-select spanish as the language at the bottom of the page.


I've tried fixing this in the "navigation" tab of the online store, however this only allows me to edit the standard links and URLs. So I currently can't find a way to manually assign the correct ".com/es" URLs in the correct places. Any way to make this happen? Thanks in advance!

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