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Liquid error (flotilla-cross-sells line 8): Cyclic dependency found in settings

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Anyone know why we're getting this error message when we try to set up metafields to populate the 2 cross sell images in the Influence theme product page by Eight? We've reached out to the developer but they can be quite slow to respond due to not having live chat, and generally refer us back to Shopify for this type of thing.


Liquid error (flotilla-cross-sells line 8): Cyclic dependency found in settings


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Also, our products all have unique size charts, care guides, and material option descriptions. We have been creating unique product templates for every item colourway but this is not a workable solution as we now have an unmanageable number of templates and when something needs changing it's impossible. So... now that we're familiar with metafields we've set up individual pages for the material descriptions and size charts within Shopify admin, which we will insert as dynamic content within the product template. We have set up a multiline metafield for care guide, a standard metafield, but the rest aren't available so we created them as instructed in Shopify tutorials. When we add a custom liquid block to the product information section and attempt to link to the different metafields we have set up and populated in our product pages we can`t as there are no links available to insert dynamic source, this option only appears for the custom liquid heading.T his text appears in the liquid block on the page - <p>Add app snippets or other Liquid code to create advanced customizations.</p> What should be put here? Any insightsgratefully received as the migration from Dawn theme to Influence theme has meant our site has been down for over 10 days so far!  


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