Loading time issue on Android

Loading time issue on Android

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Our site www.vintagesunglasses.in is working all fine on ios and desktop devices. However, the products are taking far too long to load on android mobile devices. Page speed insight shows great results and we have tried optimising all our images and minifying all our Javascripts and CSS. Could anyone suggest what could be the issue and how we could resolve it? 

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Hi @Avyay !


I tried to check your website using an Android device and it is working perfectly fine on my end. I suggest that you try using other android device or switch to a different internet connection or browser. 

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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Hey @SealSubs-Roan 


Thank you for your prompt reply. All the products pictures are visible on the collection pages within seconds? As i have tried checking using many android devices and it is taking at least 30 seconds for all the product pictures to show up.

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Hi Avyay

This article may help

Resolving Loading Time Issues on Android for eCommerce Stores 


Good luck

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