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We want to go live with our new store for a few weeks now. We had chosen Shopify because of the Local Delivery feature, but there is a big problem when the PayPal button appears on the first page of the checkout, as this is problematic according to Shopify.

If you guys are creating a Local Delivery feature, why don't you have a solution to turn off the Express Checkouts? This is not understandable for us. According to this post, the issue was supposed to be resolved in December 2020 and now it's already the end of January and nothing has happened. I think we are one of many customers who have the same problem. 

How should we set up the store if local deliveries are not compatible with Express Buttons? What is your suggested solution? Do we really have to give up PayPal just because you can't turn off the Express button?

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Totally agree, it really is crazy that paypal express does not work with local delivery and there is no way to remove the button, absolutely crazy.