Local Feed in Google & Youtube Sales Channel Suddenly Not syncing correctly

Local Feed in Google & Youtube Sales Channel Suddenly Not syncing correctly

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Hello all, thanks for any replies. 


I had the Google & Youtube sales channel installed for quite some time and all was working fine until suddenly I started noticing disapproved products in the Local Inventory Ads and Free Local Listings. All other areas are still syncing perfectly and information is changing as it should. It's only the local feed. I'll attach screenshots of the graphs to show you. 



Nothing changed on my end and Gtech support has been pathetic to say the least. 


Here is what I've done:

- Disconnect GMC and reconnected

- Removed all products from Google sales channel in Shopify and added them back

- I have verified that my address in GMC matches the address of my default location in Shopify

- Verified the products shown as disapproved in the local are not showing that (has no price, description or inventory issues) in the normal shopping feed


Here is what I think is going on. 

I think the local feed corrupted at some point. The reason why I say that is because I see new products coming into the local feed in GMC but said product say "available soon" because it thinks it doesn't have a description, inventory or price although it clearly does. Please see the screenshot I attached showing the same product in both Content API working just fine and Local Feed Partnership where is has issues. It's all the same feed from Shopify. 



My question(s):

1. Has anyone ever seen this and found a solution?

2. What's the best bath to redo the local feed partnership without disrupting the content api feed that is feeding products to my Google Ads?

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What is the reason for disapproval? As that should be the first thing to look at. You can check using this link: https://merchants.google.com/mc/products/diagnostics?marketingMethod=8%2C11

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