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Hey guys,

So I try to explain this. I'm currently working on a restaurant website and we want to generate a popup or gateway every time you open the page. Customers have to select in advance if they want to order something with the local pickup or delivery option or if they just want to browse the site. Don't ask me why, but my partner wants to have the "delivery" button as "inactive" because for now we just offer local pickup. But it should be there so people can guess that at some point it will be available. It's just important that customers know all that in advance instead of browsing the site, adding food to their cart and realizing in the last step while checking out that we don't offer delivery service. That wouldn't be a good customer experience...

I tried to solve that with a popup shopify app (there are way too many) but it won't work the way I want it to be. Every time I add a popup and a visitor selects an option the popup won't show again when refreshing the page. But that's exactly the problem, because everytime someone enters the website (starting page) that popup has to be there otherwise people will forget that we have just one shipment option which works.

Is there some expert who knows what to do or is there another workaround?

Thanks already guys! Best regards, Nick.

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