Locksmith Causing Blanks in Collection - Pagination

Locksmith Causing Blanks in Collection - Pagination

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Hello all, 

I am having a problem with the app Locksmith. 

The Context: 
I currently have a store with about 1500 products and 260 of those products are offered at special prices to specific customers. 

The Problem: 
How do we show to the customer the products that they have special pricing on? How do we show the products with the correct prices?

The Solution: 
We used Locksmith and customer tags. If the customer was tagged with the special pricing tag, (i.e. "superfood20") then all products in the superfood20 collection would be shown in the All collection for the customer. We have 55 of these special tags and 55 special collections. 

The Bug: 
If I am a customer with 2 special tags, then I unlock 2 special collections that have about 20 products. I can then see those products and purchase them at their special price. However, even if I have only 20 products "unlocked" , the "All" collection still counts the remaining 240 locked products in the pagination. This ends up causing massive blanks in between pages and products making the purchasing experience ugly. 

I need to find a way to get rid of these blanks or to present only the products that the customer has unlocked. 

I am talking with support for Locksmith and Warehouse (the theme) at the moment but it doesn't look like their is a solution to this problem yet. 

My Solution idea: 
In liquid I was thinking about doing some logic that has "if customer has tag[tag], then show collection[tag]" . However, in practice, Shopify liquid makes this difficult. 

Any solutions / assistance would be greatly appreciated and if you have a custom solution I could bring you into the project to solve the problem. 



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Hi YoungWeb,


I'm having this same issue.  Did you ever find a good solution?

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Hello @YoungWeb 


Understanding the Pagination Issue:

  • Locksmith seems to consider all products when calculating pagination, regardless of customer tags. This leads to empty slots in "All" collection pages for non-applicable products.

Alternative Approaches:

  1. Utilize Search Functionality:

    • Instead of relying solely on the "All" collection, utilize Shopify's built-in search functionality.
    • Create dedicated collections for each "superfood" tag.
    • When a customer visits your store, automatically trigger a search with their tags to display relevant products and collections.
    • This approach eliminates pagination issues and provides a more personalized experience.

  2. Leverage Liquid Filters:

    • While Locksmith might not offer a built-in solution, you can explore modifying your theme's Liquid code.
    • Implement a custom filter within the "All" collection template that checks for customer tags and filters products accordingly.
    • This requires some Liquid expertise, but it allows fine-grained control over product visibility based on tags.

  3. Explore Alternative Apps:

    • Research other membership and pricing apps that offer better integration with product visibility and pagination.
    • Consider apps like "Wholesale by Bold Commerce" or "Wholesale Suite by BSS Commerce" that provide granular control over product access based on customer groups and tags.
  4. You can also try the free Shoplock login app if it fulfills your requirements
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