Logo image element does not have explicit width and height

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I use the Out Of The Sandbox Turbo theme and Page Speed Insights keeps telling me Logo image element does not have explicit width and height. Can someone tell me how to fix this. What to put and where to put it exactly so that will take care of both desktop and mobile? Help is greatly appreciated. As of now when I use inspect my logo on the header shows 

Rendered size: 205 × 47 px

Rendered aspect ratio: 205∶47

Intrinsic size: 400 × 91 px

Intrinsic aspect ratio: 400∶91 

Rendered size: 119 × 27 px

Rendered aspect ratio: 119∶27

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hii, @Jeffro1234 
Kindly share your store URL and a screenshot of your problem so,
I can solve your problem and give you a proper solution.
Thank You.

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Hii @Jeffro1234 
100% Solution on explicit height & width.
you can just find you image code in the theme. for logo you can find it in header.liquid.
after that just paas width="100%" and height="100%" in the img tag.

Example - <img src="" width="100%"  height="100%" alt="">
if design breaks you can fix it by writing css code. otherwise you can pass actual height and width using liquid objects. 

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