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I currently use JSON metafields for the below-the-fold content of my website, all in one section, arranged into six tabs (tabs on desktop, accordions on mobile). The section includes an Overview, Features, Specs, Support, Downloads, and Reviews, each with their specific content types (rich text, images, tables, etc.).


I've been facing two main issues: a potential drop in Google PageSpeed scores and difficulty managing the JSON structure. I'm looking for more manageable alternatives to JSON metafields or advice on using metaobjects.


Are there more efficient ways to structure this content without heavily relying on JSON? I appreciate any insights or suggestions. Thanks!

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Why isn't the data not in separate metafields in the first place.


PageSpeed scores should have little to do with this after the first render.

Have you validated that by testing against static data, and simpler metafields.


Manually managing a JSON structure indicates a process problem, either build a specialized UI to simplify that , or some middleware to automate the process if the data is coming in from elsewhere and you using JSON for data entry for some reason. 


@DavidCab wrote:

The section

Is everything crammed into one section. That is a code smell if there's not a really good reason.


Without getting into deeper details nothing makes it clear if metaobjects would even solve any underlying issue; as it's a clunky system and often the only way to know is to just experiment with metaobjects.

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Yes, everything is jammed into one section. I can see why that's a problem. Would it be better if i used Snippets? 


Many Tabbed sections include 2 options for content. Rich Text or select a page. I can go the page route to build out all the unique sections but i would need to hide those pages from on site search and/or setup redirects for those pages to the product page. 


I could setup metafields for each item but it would be a ton of metafields. Would need to rewrite the section code.