Looking to make two tweaks to ONE page of my Shopify store and can't figure out how!

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Hey all - I am looking to change two things on one of my Shopify store pages (using old-ass Minimal free theme), and no matter how many coding advice articles I read about adjusting the page template liquid code, my brain just purely cannot function like that haha and I would absolutely be so grateful for some help! Looking to change the entire background (including menu buttons) of this one page to white, as well as the header image/logo of this one page to a different logo I've already uploaded. If someone has any insight, I would so appreciate it! Thanks!


Screenshot 2024-03-03 at 12.05.30 PM.png

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Hi @erinholbergart 


Editing liquid code is not as simple as it looks so I understand the frustration. I can help you out with this, if you reach out to me through my website or the personal messages on the Shopify forums I can give you a quote for the time it will take to edit the theme.

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