low product fragment count and doubts

low product fragment count and doubts

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Hello dear shopifyers, as shown on screenshot, from thousands of products only  54 are working with fragments.  Dont know why fluctuates as there was a few days with a lot more. All products contain info, description, images, eans etc. Im ignorant in how serps and fragments work. Has positioning on google or authority relevance on this? Thank you! Current theme is Trade 15.0, and last one was spotlight 13.0.


pd; i just saw notes on those spikes:


June 4

Impressions overlay in the Merchant listings rich report

You’ll see an increase in the number of impressions in the Merchant listings rich report. This is because Search Console is counting both image and web impressions for the Merchant listings rich report starting June 4. This is a just reporting change, not an actual increase in traffic.

May 15 - 27 (Product snippets)

A logging error affected Search Console reporting on product snippets from May 15, 2024 until May 27, 2024. As a result, you may notice an increase in clicks and impressions during this period for the Product snippet search appearance type in the performance report and impressions overlay in the product snippet rich result report. This is just a logging issue, not an actual change in clicks or impressions.


wich explain the boost on fragments that days.

But still dont know why the low fragments count.


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