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Hi everyone.

I am wanting to add a "low in stock" label to products which have less than x items left in stock. Same as when a product is sold out it has the "sold out" label underneath the image of the product in collections.

I've read on here at {% if product.first_available_variant.inventory_quantity < 2 %}<div>low in stock</div>{% endif %} would do the job but unsure where to place it on the Brooklyn theme

Can anyone help please?





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Hi Simon_Brindle,

You can add “Low Stock” badges to your store with ModeMagic as well. You don’t need to search for any coding for your badges. You can apply them to your product image in minutes. Not just that, you can even automate these badges on your store to keep it updated with your stock. Trust me, it saves a lot of time. 😄

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Here’s a loom video for you. Do let me know if this was helpful to you. 

Pasting the app link here for you here: LINK

Please lemme know if this helped. 🙂

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