Making one item have compulsory options before adding to cart

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Using the turbo theme.

We have an item say a girth, you can buy black or brown, then select a size. But to buy this item you have to add a liner to it which could be neoprene, fleece or leather. You can't technically buy the girth without a liner but some people will want to change and swap liners. So currently they can select the girth e.g 48" Cinch in brown. I want them to not be able to add to cart unless they have picked 48" cinch in brown with a 48" leather or fleece liner.

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Hi @SADDLES7779 ,


We can write a script which will check the current cart data and check if related item is in cart.


If item not exist alert the user to add the related item in cart and disable the checkout buttons.



If you understand the code please refer the below URL to impliment the same.

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