Market - Products and pricing Section Greyed Out

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Market - Products and pricing Section Greyed Out




Background: my store currency is in USD.

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Right now I just find that the multi currencies does not work in my Shop. Multi currencies did work previously.

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When I do the checking, I note that Products and pricing in the market is greyed out, the box "Show prices to customers in their local currency." was somehow unchecked. And there is a message "Shopify Payments is required to manage base currency and enable local currencies." This section is totally greyed out. I did not change any setting and have never met this before.

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I have checked that the Shopify payment gateway which is fully functional, and I have also tried to deactivate/reactivate that does not work to show multi currencies. Can anyone advise me? I have no idea about this...

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Hi ,


I have a similar problem of the 'Show prices to customers in their local currency' option being greyed out.

My Store currency is now INR.

I have the exact same issue mentioned in the OP.


I am thinking if this is something related to the theme being used (?)

Any help would be much appreciated.




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i've the same issue in my shop. any ideas?