Marketing: A way to differentiate between 'Unsubscribed' and 'Not subscribed' contacts

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Hi all,


Really struggling with this and hoping someone might be able to help.


Is there a way we can differentiate between customers who have never subscribed to marketing vs customers who have previously subscribed but later unsubscribed.

I know this can be done in the admin (screenshot below) for the individual customer you are looking at, but is there a way to export this in the admin or via API? Or is there even a way to infer this somehow given changes in status in fields?

Appreciate any suggestions or workarounds, I believe the accepts marketing status for both of them is false.

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There is no way to know unless you've been keeping your own history. You can sort of imply it, if accepts_marketing is false and the accepts_marketing_updated_at date is after the created date, it likely means it was accepted at one time. But no way to know for sure.