Marking an order as tax exempt from within Checkout

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We are in the U.S. and run our main store on Shopify Plus. I've been working through trying to identify a way to mark an order as tax exempt at the first page within the Checkout (the "Information" page).


We have a mix of for-profit business (who must pay sales taxes) and NPOs and government entities (who should not pay taxes) that make purchases on our website. Management at our company has decided that they'd prefer to reduce any potential interruptions or complications for a visitor's flow through our eCommerce funnel.


Currently, a visitor adds one or more items to their cart, and visits the Cart page. There, we ask if someone is tax exempt, and if they say Yes, they are permitted to checkout without paying taxes. We use an app for this called "Tax Exempt Checkout", but it is a bit clunky. There are other apps out there, but they appear to be EU-based (VAT taxes), so they wouldn't work for our situation.


We also have some salespersons that create Draft Orders, then send the customer a link to pay. Customers that click the link to pay bypass the Cart page, jumping right into the checkout funnel. Some of those customers are tax exempt, and the salesperson marks the draft order accordingly (so the customer doesn't have to pay the taxes). For sales tax exemptions, we are required to collect a tax exemption certificate (usually as a PDF file) and keep those on file.


My preferred scenario is that when someone visits the first Checkout page ("Information"), they are required to answer (yes/no) if they're tax exempt. If they answer Yes, they are required to upload their tax exempt certificate (although, in reality, they could upload a cat picture for all I know). If they answer Yes and upload a(ny) file, they would be allowed to proceed with making their purchase without paying taxes.


I wanted to ask if anyone else has solved this issue in this way. Alternatively, does anybody know if I can write Liquid code to change an order's tax exempt status on the first Checkout page, similar to how the app does it on the Cart page? If so, what might the code be?


If anyone might be able to help, that'd be much appreciated. 

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Hi @heelstoo,


I am having the same issue - did anyone ever answer you or did you find your own solution? Would love to hear any suggestions you may have.  Thanks!

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The only thing we have found that works, albeit a little clunky, is the DIY
Tax Exempt Checkout app.