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Hello, our medical devices have a so called LOT Number, this number is unique. the question is, how we get the LOT number onto customers bill and profile, the process would be. the LOT information is provided via QR code on the package.


1. Order arrives

2. Order confirmation is being sent

3. Warehouse starts fulfillment by scanning each item of the order via QR code, in the QR Code also the LOT number is available.

4. LOT Information goes to the customer invoice and sent out by email to customers email address.

5. LOT Numbers are as well saved within customers profile in shopify.


Any idea if this can be solved somehow? can be custom development as well via the scanning app.

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To have the data in shopify use metafields/metafield-definitions.

On the products if per product.

If by unique you mean per purchase per customer then you'd need metafields on the customer resource.

Then you can reference it either in areas that use liquid or make a custom app to pull that info over the api to insert into other systems.

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