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I am trying to get my product feed to various comparison sites, but they are coming back to me saying certain information is missing.  The information they are concerned about is actually present in the meta fields in each product, but these meta fields are not showing up in the feed.  Could someone help me with this?  thank you! 

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Hi Diana,


Sasha here from Metafields Guru team.


I believe that the problem is caused by the way Shopify stores the metafields content. First, we need to understand what is a metafield in Shopify. Metafields in Shopify are something like a child object to store extra data for the main resource types: products, collections, customers, orders etc.

In order to access the metafield content, one should make an API call to a dedicated API endpoint. And, most likely, those websites grab the data from the product object only, leaving the metafields ignored. You may want to suggest the service provider to update their preferences and "teach" their tool to grad the metafields content too.


Hope this helps!


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