Metafields on Customer Object not shown in Admin

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Hello - I can set and read metafields with the API, works fine. But I also want to see the metafields in the Admin. For example on products at the bottom they are shown. But for customers this is missing. Is that not implemented or I am looking at the wrong place? I would like to view, ideally modify metafield via admin on the customer (manually without API call). Later I would also create a liquid template where the customer can update a specific metafield. Thx a lot

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Hey @arzt-shop!


Based on what you've described it sounds like you need to add definitions for the customer metafields you've set via API. After creating definitions, you can "pin" the metafields so they show up on the customer detail page in the Shopify admin for easy viewing (and editing). Here are some help docs from Shopify with more details:


Hopefully this helps!


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