Metaobject product variant field get variant properties (product url)

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I created a metaobject for reviews and in one of the fields I put a product variant.

When I loop the metaobject the review.product_variant property returns the gid of the variant.


<p>{{ review.product_variant }}</p>

// --> this returns the ID of each variant:


I was able to extract the image of the variant with this code.

<img src="{{ review.product_variant | image_url: width: '400px' }}">


What I can't do is get the product url so that the user can click and take him to that product.

I'm looking for something like this:

<a href="{{ review.product_variant.url }}">Go to product</a>

Is there a filter that transform the gid to the product url? Or any other solution?


Metaobject screenshot



Any help is appreciated.



Here is the complete code.

<section class="reviews-section">
  <div id="reviews-wrapper">
    {% for review in %}
      <div id="reviews-card-num{{ forloop.index }}" class="reviews-card reviews-card-num{{ forloop.index }}">
        <p class="reviews-description">
          {{ review.description }}
        <h4 class="reviews-customer-name">{{ review.customer_name }}</h4>
        <div class="reviews-image-wrapper">
          <img src="{{ review.product_variant | image_url: width: '400px' }}" alt="" class="reviews-image">

        <p>{{ review.product_variant }}</p>

    {% endfor %}


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I had the same dilemma and finally found the answer!


Here are the product variant properties:


To get the product variant url:


<a href="{{ review.product_variant.value.url }}">{{ review.product_variant.value.url }}