Metaobjects values in metafields for date time list.

Metaobjects values in metafields for date time list.

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I have a metaobject that contains a list of date time values. I would like these date time values to display on my website as product variants via metafields. The variants dont change price, but the user must select a date time option before checkout.


I have added a liquid code block to the product, but the codes I've tried do not display the correct information


{{product.metafields.hairdresser.availability.value}} returns "MetaobjectListDrop"


{{product.metafields.hairdresser.availability}} returns "["gid://shopify/Metaobject/4145512602"]"


{% for metaobject in product.metafields.hairdresser_profile.values %}
{{ metaobject.availability }}
{{ metaobject.availability.value }}
{% endfor %}   does not return anything. 



Please help!

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Hi @Adina3,


I don't know the entire settings of the metaobject and metafield, so just to give you some guidelines how to use it.

If you're using a list of values, then you need to use the for loop to iterate through all the items in the array. Something like this:


{% for hairdresser in product.metafields.hairdresser_profile.value %}
   {{ hairdresser.availability | date: "%a, %b %d, %Y" }}
{% endfor %}


I've recently published an article on how to set up How to display multiple metaobject entries on Shopify?

In the article, you'll find a guide on how to set it up with a real example. Just change the fields (from single line text to date) and you should be able to set it up.


Hope this helps!


Send me a link to your store to and I'll help you out.
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I had the same problem, turned out the metaobjects were in "Draft" state.

Change them the "Active" state and your code would work.