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i’d like to replatform to Shopify but I read in a blog that you can’t migrate all historical customer data unless you are migrating to Shopify Plus.


Is this correct?


Thanks in advance.





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How much data, and what kind of data, were you looking to migrate?

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Hello Mark @Griffitm1 ,

Thank you for your inquiry. Migrating historical customer data to Shopify is indeed possible regardless of whether you are on the regular Shopify plan or Shopify Plus. Both plans offer the ability to import customer data, including customer names, email addresses, order histories, and other relevant information.

However, there might be some limitations when it comes to importing certain customer data. For example, Shopify's standard CSV import allows you to import basic customer information, but it might not support more advanced data such as customer tags, custom fields, or detailed order notes.

To ensure a smooth and comprehensive migration of historical customer data to Shopify, you can use a migration tool like Cart2Cart. Cart2Cart supports the migration of various data entities, including customers and their associated information, from your current platform (such as WordPress) to Shopify. It provides a more efficient and accurate way to transfer customer data, ensuring that you can maintain a complete customer database on your new Shopify store.

Whether you are on the regular Shopify plan or Shopify Plus, you can use Cart2Cart to simplify the migration process and bring over historical customer data to your new Shopify store. This will enable you to continue engaging with your existing customers and provide them with a seamless shopping experience on the new platform.

I hope this clarifies your concerns, and I wish you a successful migration to Shopify! If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out.

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