Migrating subscription tokens from Shopify Payments to Stripe gateway

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Hi there!


Just wondering if anyone else got the same issue.


We need to move all our existing subscribers from Shopify Payments gateway to Stripe. For that to happen we're asking shopify to transfer customer tokens to stripe. 


However, shopify support says we need to contact our 3rd party subscription app (appstle), and the app says we need to contact shopify support for that. Classic.


It's hard to believe we're the first ones that needed to migrate between payment providers. Anyone else were in the same boat? 


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Hi there, 


I have been ping-ponged back and forth between Shopify and Appstle (the subscription app I use) to solve this exact same issue for me. I moved from Shopify Payments to Stripe and since that day I have a 10% approval rate for successful recurring orders. When I was using Shopify Payments, I had a 98% approval rate for successful recurring orders. 


I am wondering if you ever got a solution for this, and if so, can you please share it with me?


I have been in this battle with them for 1 month now and this has caused me over $50,000 of subscribtions that I have not been able to collect. 


I would really appreciate any insight you may have. 


Thank you, 


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Hi Tami,


I've been pingpong'ed exactly same way. 


Appstle says I need to contact merchant support

Merchant support says I need to contact Appstle


So I've put them both together, and now they need to contact some mysterious payments department which of course does not respond for a month already.


Also from time to time, they simply lose track of whats going on, and just simply reply suggesting to "contact merchant support" again. 




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So far all I've got in 1+ month is:


"continuous monitoring"

"putting my case on high priority"

"looping the team once again for a response"

"exploring all possible solutions for this"