Minimal-Variant price not updating

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I am using the Minimal theme, which I believe has no support due to it's age. I have searched older post and have not found a solution (that at least I can understand and implement). I see this seems to be a common issue, which is not great and not fair to the shopper.




I think I need add a snippet somewhere, but would like to see the exact thing needed and be directed to the exact place it needs to go - because I am only semi-smart in all of this!  I am wondering if in the default Theme Settings-Products,  I can change that first "From" line to something that include "variant" something.


I have checked with one app to see if they are the cause - Sezzle - they said no. Shopify at one time just told me to revert to an older version of my theme. That worked for another problem, but caused a different one.


Would appreciate any awesome help someone is kind enough to share.



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Hi, I am trying to inspect the code on your store but I think you have disabled the right click option.


It will be easier for me to guide you if I can see your current theme product page template as well as its code.

If you want to modify the theme or want to add any custom section in your theme or need bug fixes on the store
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