Missing Info in Product CSV Import

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When I upload data to the Shopify store via CSV the into I put into the Body (HTML) seems to almost always get deleted. Is there a reason for this happening? I can't find anything that makes it work sometimes and doesn't other but maybe I'm missing something

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Hi @stephentc,
make sure that your CSV file isn't getting broken.

There are several issue with CSV files (when you need to work with them):

  1. CSV files are just a plain text file which fields are separated by comma, this means that if you have comma in your description field, that field will split up into 2 fields and only first part will be considered as brand, in most cases such product may fail import process, but there is a change that incorrect data will be imported.
  2. There are some characters which requires so called "escaping", fields with commas needs to be added into quotes, while quotes themselves needs to be escaped by 2x quotes.


If you have products feed with html desctiptions in excel files, you can try using Feeds Bridge app which support products import from Excel file, descriptions shouldn't get corrupted or deleted while using that tool. It has free plan up to 500 SKU so you can try it out for free.

Simonas Skrodenis
Developer of Feeds Bridge - Catalog Management System
Email: dev.feedsbridge@gmail.com