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I am currently setting up my online store. I would like my product to be displayed on the Google shopping page. I have linked my product to Google Merchant Center. Everything works so far, but googel tells me I still have a problem with my inventory.  I do not know what is wrong. I have entered all the details. I have removed the GTIN for the picture. I do not have SKU. So what is the problem?





If you need more information please let me know.


Thank you

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Thank you for your quick response. Do you have an example of an SKU or where can I get one?

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Hey @Greg05 


A few questions to ask yourself since I don't have all the information.


Sounds like you have a GTIN, you just removed it for the purpose of this screenshot, correct? If not, make sure you have a unique product identifier (e.g. GTIN or MPN) so that Google can identify the product.


Have you gone through this guide from Merchant Center on how to fix the missing inventory data? https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/9095793


Is this for all products, or just a select few? All would imply it's a site-wide issue rather than a specific product that just so happen to be in someone's cart at the time Google analyzed the page.

Check that your product feed is sending the correct inventory availability.


Is your feed for a different country?


Does your structured data also include the unique product identifier? If not, it needs to otherwise Google may get confused if one variant is out of stock (as an example).


Does your structured data include the product availability?


Do you have the Automatic Improvements in Merchant Center turned on for availability? Usually, the automatic improvements are good to have on, but you may need to switch it off (or on if currently off).


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Missing inventory data has nothing to do with product identifiers.


It is refering to local inventory data, in other words local advertising. You must have enabled to include local shopping ads. I fyou don't have a physical shop, disable what you did in Shopify. And in Google merchant center delete the local inventory feed.

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