Mobile menu doesn't turn into desktop menu when extending - Brooklyn theme

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I have been working on the CSS in the 'code editor' all day but haven't touched anything related to the header, logo, menu item etc, I have also modified a few theme header settings like the size of logo, logo image etc.. on the 'customise theme' side. I tehn realised that when the search is enabled on my standard menu, the preview of the website that opens in a pop up small window (in the code area) shows the mobile hamburger menu like the image below


When search is enabled on standard menuWhen search is enabled on standard menu

When I extend the window, same result. The standard menu doesn't come back to standard





This is what I had before I changed some settings, and when I disable the search in the menu.





How can I add the search in the menu and a standard menu?


Also, everything looks right on the preview in 'theme customisation', the problem only shows when on the 'edit code' preview.



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