More information on JIT file transforms

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Hi all. 

I was reading the documentation on Dawn and all of the nice new things we have to play with today, and I ran across this support content about JIT file transforms. I was thinking "this sounds great! I would really love to use this rather than development tools and multiple repository branches etc", but then I ran into a wall - I could find no more documentation about this feature and how we can go about using it. 

I have so many questions at this point: How do we use a JIT transformer? What files can we transform in this way? Can we use it to compile PostCSS or SASS, for example? These would seem like ideal use-cases for this kind of process, but all I can find is that mention of auto-minification of css files, which isn't quite what I'm looking for. 

Would love to see some more info on this, and some practical examples of what we can do with JIT file transforms. I'm just starting work on a project to update a store to a more modern implementation of their theme, and this seems like a good optimisiation to look at. 




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I'm interested too

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Just responding to say, us too!

 Very excited by the possibility of this feature, but there is no documentation on how to actually utilise it.

The new 'Dawn' theme doesn't seem to use these features, so doesn't' act as a good reference.

I find it so odd that there are so many references to this section throughout the other docs (github integration, best practices etc) yet so little content on the actual page.

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Us too. Especially this:

Common uses for JIT transformations include JavaScript minification, CSS optimization and minification, and third-party dependency management.