Moving from Clickfunnels to Shopify - How do I create an opt-in page, that directs you to sales page

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Hey, like the title says, I want to switch from ClickFunnels to Shopify. But I still want to use funnel marketing techniques.


Is there a way to have a separate opt-in (squeeze page) that collect emails in exchange for a free gift (without using a pop-up on the main sales page)

And then after they submit their email, it directs them to my main Shopify sales/landing page where they can buy my 1 product?

Essentially I want to have my opt-in page and sales page to be under the same domain


Could i simply create a new "page" on my Shopify store that acts as the lead capture page?

(potential customers will click my Facebook ad, then be directed to this new lead capture page and enter their email, and then be directed to my main sales page)


If I just have to create a new "page" on my Shopify store, I also wouldn't want a link to the lead page to be visible on the sales page.

(I want the only option to click on the sales page to be "Buy Now" Call to actions)


Thanks in advance for any help!

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