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Multi Language Help - How to set specific language to specific domain AND allow switching language?

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I am trying to figure out how to setup my store in multi-language. I only want 2 language, French and English.

I have 2 different domains :
1. - I assigned this domain to french language.
2. - I assigned this domain to english language.

I do not want to have english content ever appear on the domain, and i never want to have french content appear on


The problem is that, by assigning only 1 language to each domain, the language switcher does not appear in the menu... However, if I assign both EN and FR to the domains, then the language switcher does appears in the menu, but this create an issue because when you switch language instead of being sent to the other domain, it just adds a /en or /fr at the end of the url... for example, if i assigned FR and EN to then, by default the site would show in french but if i use the language switcher to change language to english, instead of going to the user would be redirected to ... thats not good.

How do i assign a single language to each domain AND also have a language switcher that send user to the correct domain when they change language?


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