Multiple Domains, Single Store & Inventory

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We are working with a marketer on branding and though the main store is "", that is the artist. We are in the process of acquiring and setting up domains for the separate comic book properties ("", "", "", etc).

From what I can tell, if we have GoDaddy host the site and use a WP theme I can then load the WP Plugin and set up an API for specific categories so I can have the related store items set up on GoDaddy.

Desired result: Customer goes to "" and would find a different theme and under the store tab they would find a selection of categories directly related to Nexus the comic book (i.e., they would not see his fine art work, unrelated prints, etc).  We would want the same thing for the other sites, again, using only the selection from the store that is related to the content of that site.  Using the same inventory and the ability to check out from that site.

(1) Am I reading the information correctly and a WP Plugin with a Shopify API is the best way to set up multiple domains using the same store? Basically multiple carts, 1 fulfillment center using the same inventory.

(2) Will this work for more domains? I.e., if I set up 10 domains (we are looking to set one up for each property and each character, and set it up so people can buy from that site and not be redirected away from that page).

If I am wrong please let me know what will work best

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