My Facebook pixel is picking up potieintally violating personal data

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So under the page view on my products its picking up this 

PageView URL query parameter: pr_ref_pid Yesterday at 00:17
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Potential violation details
We detected Credit card data that appeared as pr_ref_pid coming from your PageView events in the URL query parameter. To help protect Facebook users' privacy, this information was blocked, and you will not be able to view or use it.Learn more about violating personal data
What you can do
Update your URL query parameters
URL query parameters are an optional parameter that you can send through your API that come from the website URL. View your affected URL and look for where the specific parameter is shown as being removed to help find the problem.

Credit card data should never be sent to Facebook. You'll need to remove this data from the website URL to help prevent this from occurring.
You should discuss this with your website manager
on some of my links
under test even this is what comes up
Event ID: e2aff028-5EAB-4B4F-4EE3-71629D81D901
Action source: website
Advanced matching parameters: IP address, User agent
Active issue:
PageView Event Violates Business Tools Terms
Your PageView event has been identified as sending Facebook data that may be violating the Business Tools Terms:
- You can't share customer data with Facebook that includes health, financial or other categories of sensitive information (including any information defined as sensitive under applicable law).
- You can't share unhashed personally identifiable customer data with Facebook.
Potentially sensitive or unhashed data associated with this event has been removed. If this data was being used to create Custom Audiences or Custom Conversions, your ads could be affected.
Depending on the issue, start hashing or remove these parameters from the PageView as soon as possible:
How do I solve this