My website suddenly is not redirecting ios devices

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Hey guys happy weekend, 

a costumer approached me and told me the link is not working on my ig, she shared even screen video. I have checked and indeed its not redirecting later i have tried by using safari same issue, then chrome same issue. Wierdly my browser which is chromo (not ios) is working and same as galaxy devices.


any body experienced some thing similar or had a clue ?


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Hello Mikey,

Have you been able to fix the issue , if you haven't , you can try this method.


 1.Check the link you shared and make sure you have shared the correct link.

2. Make sure that the link is in a standard format, such as Sometimes links can be finicky if they don't follow the correct format.

3.Also make sure your Instagram is updated and ensure that you share the full link and not the shorter link.