Need Assistance - Shopify App Review Issue: " redirected you too many times"

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Hello All!

We're trying to publish an app on the Shopify app store, but the review team keeps facing an issue while attempting to install our app.

The Shopify App Store review team has been unable to access our app's UI. Upon installation, the app UI remains stuck in a perpetual loading state, and an error message appears: " redirected you too many times."

We have made multiple attempts to recreate this issue, but regrettably, we face no challenge in the installation process. This situation is quite perplexing for us, and we would greatly appreciate any assistance or guidance you can offer to help us resolve it.

Here are some additional details to provide context:

  • We have thoroughly tested the app on various devices (25+), Test Stores (we have created too many test stores to even keep count) and browsers to ensure compatibility.
  • The error appears to be related to the "" domain, but we are uncertain why it is causing the redirection problem.
  • Our development team has carefully reviewed the code and app configurations, but no apparent issues were found that could lead to such redirection loops.

We have reached out to Shopify support, but their response has not yet provided a clear solution to the problem.

If anyone has encountered a similar issue before or has any insights into what might be causing the redirection problem, we would be immensely grateful for your input.

Any suggestions, tips, or troubleshooting steps would be incredibly valuable to us.

Happy to share any specific details/code snippets too!

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@AviJain  Your code working in local ? 
You add more details So I can help you Right way.