Need help not showing shipping plan on checkout page

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Need help not showing shipping plan on checkout page 
When I fill in all the information and shipping address, the shipping section shows an error as shown below. What should I do now? help me. thanks everyone

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Hi @hoangduc 


Welcome to the Shopify Community! Thanks for reaching out here for assistance.


I understand that you are seeing an error in the checkout of your store, where is says 'Shipping not available' - I would be happy to help you troubleshoot this issue here.


Generally, this error will appear in your checkout, if the address that has been entered doesn't have any suitable shipping rates available. For example, if you haven't included a valid shipping zone and shipping rate for any given country or region, and a customer from that region tries to checkout on your store, then they would see a similar error message, and would not be able to place an order.


I would suggest having a look through your shipping setup to ensure that you have set up shipping rates correctly in your Shopify admin. From your Shopify admin, navigate to Settings > Shipping & Delivery, and configure your shipping zones and rates. Make sure that the shipping rates are applicable to the customer's location.


Check to see if you have any shipping restrictions or limitations set up on your shipping rates that might be preventing certain orders from being shipped. For example, you may have added weight or price based restrictions - review these shipping settings to ensure that there are no exclusions or gaps in shipping rate coverage. I would also suggest checking your Shopify Markets settings, to ensure the relevant market is enabled.


Customers might also see the 'Shipping not available' message if they enter an incorrect or incomplete shipping address during checkout. Make sure that the shipping address you are entering is correct, and also encourage customers to double-check their shipping information to ensure accuracy.


Feel free to have a look through your settings, and let me know what you find - feel free to come back here with an update containing more information, and also screenshots of your shipping rate setup if possible!


Rick | Shopify 
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