Need help to put in bold hard coded text traduction please

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All the translator app don't consider the hard coded text when translating from a language to an other, so i created a blog like this : 

1/in the liquid template i put this : 

{{ '' | t }}


2/in the locales/en.default.json i put this : 



{ "comment": { "email": "Your email" } }



it work well and it traduce the "your email" BUT my probleme is that i want this texte to be in BOLD, Can anyone help me with this ?


many thanks



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add '_html' suffix to your key in locale json file and use 'strong' or 'b' tags to make text bold you wanted.
For example:



{ "comment": { "email_html": "Your <strong>email</strong>" } }



Don't forget to change your 'email' key to 'email_html' in your relevant liquid file.