Need to left justify text in footer menu. Dawn V11.

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Need to left justify text in footer menu. Dawn V11.


Want it to look like this:



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Hello @daved1234 

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Here it is. Thank you!

My site:

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Hi @daved1234 ,


Due to the structure of the theme code, you can see that if you push the text to the left, it will only push like in the picture


view - 2023-08-18T155313.994.png


Since it can't interfere with your theme code, this is the way I think makes the most sense if you want to push the text to the left


view - 2023-08-18T155432.262.png

You can do the following:


Step 1:

view - 2023-08-18T161248.672.png


Step 2: Find the base.css file or theme.css and copy this code at the end of the file:


.footer__blocks-wrapper .footer-block:nth-child(2) .footer-block__heading,
.footer__blocks-wrapper .footer-block:nth-child(2) .footer-block__details-content{
    text-align:left !important

Hope it works @daved1234 !

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It works but then shifts the whole Quick Links menu/column to the left and does not look good regarding equal placement of the three columns.



What I'm looking for is: