Nested menu titles showing up in 'View All' button when clicked.

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Hi, I am building a Trophy Store using the Dawn theme.

I have set up the menu as a 2 tier nested menu: 

-Browse By Sport


Then all football products are shown on the page.

The issue is:

I have added a 'View All' button to my home page and the  'Browse By Sport' is coming up as an option. This makes sense as I added the Browse By Sport' as a collection, so it is showing all collections. I added it as a collection so I could assign Tags to automatically drop sports into the menu.

How do I remove the 'Browse By Sport' from 'View All' result?

Should 'Browse By Sport' be set up differently?

Thanks, Jane



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@JP1966 - can you please share this page link?

To build shopify pages use pagefly
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